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Backing up Data on Location

This post is more of a best practices of how to deal with data safety when shooting on location. CF or SD card corruption is rare- but when it happens it’s a very scary thing. It’s only happened to me once and luckily I was able to retrieve the data using recovery software. It’s not worth the stress! And it can be avoided- here’s my method.

Create 3 backups instantly

Might sound fancy but it’s really not. Shoot with a camera that has dual card slots. Shoot RAW to both- easy. While you are doing this tether capture everything to a laptop. Three backups with no extra effort! When shooting headshots tethering is already a best practice and helps improve the quality and flow of the session.

Dropbox is Your Friend

One of the first things I do when setting up on location is get onto the guest wifi network. It’s not really reasonable to upload everything from the session to dropbox but I usually am able to do a quick DNG export of all my final ‘keeper’ images to a folder in dropbox. This way if I anything happens to my gear on the way back to the office I’m covered.