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Backing up data – Best Practices

Backing up data is a huge priority for me. At any given moment I have 5 backups of every headshot I’ve ever taken. I’ve never actually had a serious loss of data but I don’t consider this approach overkill. With my backup system I’m trying accomplish a few goals:

  • Quick restore of my entire computer- On site backup
  • Cloud restore options
  • Additional offsite Backup

For onsite backup I use Time Machine. It’s simple and easy. I’ve restored from Time Machine when upgrading computers- no complaints. For cloud backup I use Crash Plan. It backs up everything to the cloud automatically and I can access my file system anywhere- even on my iphone. My additional offsite backup is a simple copy of all my photography work backed up every few months and stored in a safe location away from my office. If I ever lost my data my first choice would be to restore from the cloud but an actual hard disc could come in handy to get back up and running fairly quickly. Lastly I have all final retouched images stored on SmugMug. I use SmugMug for digital file delivery but I also take advantage of the unlimited storage to serve as yet one more backup.

Stayed tuned for another post dealing with safe data storage when shooting off site.