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Retouching- Removing Glare From Glasses

By February 17, 2014For Photographers, Uncategorized

Lens Coatings

Removing glare in retouching can be quite difficult but luckily, more and more of my clients with glasses have newer style lenses with anti-glare coatings. I absolutely love this- because it completely eliminates glare. If you are getting new glasses, please spend the extra few bucks to get this coating- you will look great in pictures! But in cases where we don’t have the anti-glare coating we still need to get a great shot.


The first step I take is to try and eliminate the glare using angles. Either by angling the subject or even the glasses themselves(tipping them slightly up) can take away most or all glare. Alternately we can angle the actual lights and reflectors to minimize glare.┬áIn some cases angling doesn’t help much and I need to shoot in such a way that will help me retouch it in the most natural way.

Shooting to Retouch

At regular intervals throughout the shoot I will ask the subject to remove the glasses and we will get a few shots in each pose- without glasses. This gives me some ‘non-glare’ material that I can blend in later in photoshop for the most natural result. The retouched image below is a blend of two such headshots. The final result is completely realistic and probably impossible to retouch any other way.


removing glare before


Removing Glare after