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Book in groups and save up to 40%

Bring a friend…or ten

I was recently approached by a client about to enter a prestigious MBA program. He was on a tight deadline to submit a high quality headshot for the program and oh by the way- he had nine other colleagues interested in getting headshots for the program too! I was happy to accommodate all of them at my group rate for 10 people which is 40% off. We booked an entire day of shooting, had all the retouching done and delivered within 24 hours- just in time for their deadline.

MBA Program

10 headshots for an MBA program

Why such a significant discount for groups?

To acquire new clients there are two costs involved. Time and money. Online advertising, listing services, online services to keep the business running. The time per client beyond the actual shoot is not insignificant. Emailing back and forth, ironing out all the details, getting contracts signed and then the buffer of time I build in between clients(usually one to two hours to handle initial editing and account for any delays). So when clients are able to book back to back it’s a huge savings to me that I’m happy to pass along.