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What’s in a name?

By May 26, 2014Uncategorized

I’m often asked – how did you pick the name for your business? What does Ars Nova Images mean? I’m afraid I don’t have a terribly good answer to that question. In 2008 when I started this business I had no idea if this business would take off and how laser focused I would become on headshots. My background before photography was(and still is!) classical music and ‘Ars Nova’ refers to a style of music that flourished in the 14th century. In latin it means ‘New Art’ or ‘New Technique’. It’s a term I was familiar with that seemed appropriate for a photography business- plus it sounded cool! I wasn’t completely sure what I wanted to do with photography so ‘New Art’ seemed open ended enough that I would cover anything I might want to do.

Time for a change

As the business has grown I’ve realized the importance of focus. Headshots are all I do and not only that-  a specific style of headshots with a specific workflow and delivery. So I’ve tried to show this in the clearest way possible with my portfolio and how my site is organized. I only offer a few products and services. Detailed and concise information about what my clients are looking for is never more than a click away. I make a pointed effort NOT to be all things to all people in the hopes of only attracting clients who want exactly what I’m offering. It’s time that the business name also reflects this focused approach. So I’m changing from simply ‘Ars Nova Images’ to ‘Ars Nova Images Headshot Studio’.


Not a terribly huge change but I think one that reinforces exactly what this business is about.